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  • Limerick Strand Hotel Virtual Reality Video Tour - 360 degree tour

    Explore the 4* Limerick Strand Hotel with our hotel guide Sally. Immerse yourself in our 360-degree video and discover how your dream wedding day can become a reality. Take the virtual tour of our amazing wedding location, all from the comfort of your home. The 4* Limerick Strand Hotel - in the heart of Limericks Cultural, Retail & Entertainment Quarter. One of the most popular venues in Limerick for National Conferences, Local Weddings and Family Occasions "
  • Taste the Future at Charlotte Marriott City Center | Future Stay

    From locally roasted coffee at “Coco and the Director” to farm-to-table food prepared in an open kitchen at “Stoke”, you’ve never seen anything like this before. At Charlotte Marriott City Center, Marriott Hotels has brought local food, beverages and retailers in to create an entirely unique experience for travelers and locals alike. Tech and innovation reviewer Brian Tong takes us behind the scenes of the newest innovations in food and drink at Charlotte Marriott City Center.
  • A brief glimpse inside The Waterside Inn

    The essence of The Waterside Inn condensed into 3 minutes! We hope you enjoy this whistle-stop tour!
  • Friday Night Feast | Four Brilliant Weekend Dishes | Episodes 1-4

    Looking for some inspiration for your weekend cooking? Jamie’s been dishing up some amazing recipes just for you. Here are four that we’re sure you’re gonna love: A sensational Pork Roast, Posh Fish and Chips, Korean Chicken and Steak and Two Sauces.


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