Defining the concept

By Aurélien, Margaux, Sarah & Hugo

Aurelien :

Have you ever eat in a traditional trattoria ? In Toulouse ? No ? Well here comes in town an incredible concept : A traditional vegetarian Italian trattoria that employed disabled people. This is a yummy and moreover a united concept.

First, what is a trattoria ?

A trattoria is a very simple Italian restaurant without high expectation. In general, dishes are simple, familial and not expensive. The atmosphere is welcoming, giving you the feeling that you are eating at your grandmother's house, in your little Italian village.
In a trattoria it’s almost impossible to find 15 starters and 15 mains courses... It’s a real familial food, everything is homemade and fresh ! That’s why we chose to suggest the familyonly 3 starters, 3 mains courses and 3 desserts.

We thought about suggesting 3 types of set menu :
● Starter + Main course : 16€

● Main course + Dessert : 16€
● Starter + Main course + Dessert : 19€

The family wants to work exclusively with local and seasonal products, that’s why we wouldsuggest a monthly set menu that will change each month so that season would be respected.

Finally concerning beverages, the restaurant would certainly offer only 3 type of Italian wines - red, rosé, white - because the family prefers to serve artisanal lemonade and organic/local fruit juice with one or two appetizers from Italy.

Sarah :

You won’t have the time to eat ? No problem, the restaurant will also have a grocery shop in which you’ll be able to buy the same dishes as on the menu to impress your guest !

For your dinner’s starter, here is a jars “sott’olio” which means in jars with olive oil. It can bepreserved tomatoes just as well as eggplants or even artichoke. Then for the main, the grocery shop offers different types of filled ravioli with mushrooms or spinach for example, or also a unique butternut gnocchi recipe.

Renata, the woman at the head of this project, and her staff, made up of young disabledpeople, will prepare several kind of fresh pasta such as casarecce, tagliatelle, fusilli... To gowell with your pasta, you will obviously found a large variety of sauces like pesto, tomatosauce, gorgonzola, ricotta with spinach...

Now it’s sweet time with a traditional italian choice of dessert : tiramisu, pana cotta, sfogliatella... Last but not least for your special dinner, the shop offers also some specificItalian wines such as pino grigio, brunello di montalcino and finally, the famous limoncello.

You just do not want to cook tonight ? They have the solution for you : ready meals ! Re heat your container of cannelloni, pepperonata (a salad made of bell pepper, potatoes, tomatoes), roasted eggplant with parmigiano, pizzoccheri, erbazzone and enjoy your evening watching The Godfather !

Hugo :

This family contacted us in order to help them for the design of the menu. Thanks to a relevant interview made of Renata, we have learned a lot about the down syndrome disease, and about its aspects that we have to take into account.

First of all, down syndrome people are more friendly with a colour system than with sentences which requires a good memory, so we decided to opt for this working system, that seems more adapted to them. Then, the menu should be written in capital letters because of the common eyesight deficiency of this illness. Finally, pictures are perfect in their learning process of the menu, because they will learn faster what are the dishes they are serving.

That’s why we have chosen to create 2 different menu : one for the waiters which will be adapted to their disabilities with colours, pictures, capital letters, and another one, more classic, for the customers.

Margaux :

So we had to work on two different design : one for the customers and one for the waiters menu. For both we decided to put a light brown colour for the background ; actually this colour is known for its comforting, chic and peaceful understanding. We wanted the waiters to fell great and the customers having a high end menu.

For the customers menu, we deliberately have chosen the dishes names to be in italian for the trattoria exactness. But do not worry, obviously each of them are translated by way of explanation and composition. The design is very simple just as the concept of a trattoria.

Concerning the waiters’ one, it will be presenting in form of large pictures of the dishes, withthe name written in capital letters and in addition, with a colour coding and numbers : green for starters, red for mains and bleu for desserts. This system would make the communication with the kitchen easier as well as the menu learning process.

This menu will be their order form actually and will be laminate in the style of a Veleda slate on which you can write and erase. The waiters would just have to cross the asked dishes.

Customers' menuCustomers' menu (6.12 MB)

Waiters' menuWaiters' menu (998.66 KB)

The interview with Renata

The interview

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