Marketing strategy

By Audrey, Lorenzo, Maxime & Alexandre

Monitoring a strong social presence to impact the customer in 5 steps

It is very important to put the customer at the core of your marketing strategy.

In order to do this, you must always place yourself in the guest’s shoes  to understand what they are feeling.

It is important to carry out satisfaction questionnaires in order to find out the potentiel guest’s point of view.


1.  Commit to a quality approach 

You need to adopt a transparent company culture by using organic  local products in order to include the guest in a sustainable development approach.

Prioritize quality over quantity by offering 3 to 4 dishes per product line. 

Furthermore, use labels to commit to a quality approach.

2.  Set up a loyalty program 

To encourage your guests to visit the restaurant again, you can offer a simple deal, such as : “for 10 every meals purchased you get 1 free meal ” or more inventive programs such as "a free cooking course for every hundredth follower".

3.  Create an identity and atmosphere 

Make the guests feel like that they are actually in Italy through the music, furniture, cutlery and decoration to create your own identity and attract the guest.

4.  Get visibility 

By going to local newspapers, or on TV by following our quality approach.

By doing meeting in school to present the social issu. 

  1. Use quizzes

Use quizzes on social network to attract the customers and get them interested in your project

Publish visual content and foodie photos on visual networks online

Create visual content and foodie photos on visual networks and on the internet in 5 steps

Today the Internet  plays a very important role in marketing and greatly influences the consumer in their his purchasing decisions

1.  Create an active community

By being active on several social networks and by promoting interaction and comments, the consumer will feel included in the restaurant community

2.  Reward consumer engagement

By posting photos to thank them for their support.

did competitions enter the customers, on instagram : choosing the best picture 

3.  Enhance content and distribution

Keeping up a rate of one publication per day with professional food pictures. 

Create a community manager internalised management every day.

Share shorts videos about the recipes conceptions on social networks. 

4.  Manage internet referencing

Using paid SEO on the Internet to get better visibility.

Do a great and professional web site to get a great google marks, to be the first one google search. 

Answer at the questions on Tripadvisor. 

  1. Increase credibility, by participating in conversations, events

Gives your perspective on news topics by publishing and commenting on articles. 

Open questions to the customers. 

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The marketing strategy

Last edited: 07/04/2019

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