Work organization


Designing the restaurant and finding the perfect location

Color, décor, lighting, music, aroma, restrooms, layout, seating capacity, heating and ventilation, kitchen design

Presentation in 3D

Deborah, Léa, Lisa, Céline


Discovering the historical roots of Italian and Neapolitan cuisine

How did the historical background influence Renata’s ideas and recipes?

The basics: pasta, tomatoes, vegetables, seafood, cheese…

The creation of the restaurant concept and theme

Alana, Armelle, Nora, Alba


Introducing the Trèfle Rose organization

Objectives: facilitate the integration of employees with disabilities and encourage diversity in the workplace.

Workplace adjustments and adaptation

Nicolas, Clémence, Émeline


Drafting the menu

Menu design, layout, colors, fonts, sections, descriptions…

Menu items, pricing. Specialty menus, vegetarian or vegan menus. Take away menu.

Interview with Renata

Hugo, Aurélien, Margaux, Sarah

Business plan

Creating the restaurant business plan

Logo, concept, sample menu, service, management team…

Cooking with people with Down Syndrome:

Creation of specific recipes / Selection of ingredients / Costs

Benjamin, Florian, Johanna, Océane

Market study

Defining the restaurant target market

Demographics (age, income, education…), behavior (spending habits, digital behavior…)

Creation of a questionnaire / Street interviews

Maëlle, Céline


Making Italian pasta recipes

How to cook Italian pasta; a step-by-step guide.

Description of ingredients, sauces.

A recipe video

Élodie, Harold, Célia, Zoé


Building an effective marketing strategy

Monitoring a strong social presence

Adding visual content and foodie photos

Offering customers a loyalty program / Partnering up with online food apps

Lorenzo, Maxime, Alexandre, Audrey

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