A Food Truck Owner Focused on Healthy Eating

Rich Selden, owner of Electric Blue Elephant , calls his venture in to the mobile food business a "wild ride" to provide the best quality ingredients locally sourced. Rich felt the need to create a food truck that serves healthy-fresh-locally grown-organic ingredients that are vegan, and gluten and dairy free. He had never owned a food truck or any kind of restaurant before he and his wife, along with another business partner, began the food truck.
The cabbage sesame hand salad is a favorite dish from the Electric Blue Elephant. It's a giant spring roll filled with lots of vegetables that you can eat with your hands.
You can find the Electric Blue Elephant among the sea of food trucks at the Friday Reno Street Food event in Idlewild Park. http://renostreetfood.com http://electricblueelephant.com"

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