Deliveroo Rider: Why I'm Working For Deliveroo

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So I found a job. I'm a Deliveroo rider! Here's why I've started working at Deliveroo.

Over the last few months, I've been looking for a job to fit around university degree studies and my online businesses. I've had trouble finding part-time, flexible work to fit around those other commitments. An office job for just 2 days a week is just hard to find.

Found out about Deliveroo and have delivering food on my bicycle around Leeds (my local city). Deliveroo Leeds works by using an app that tells me where to go to pick up the food and where to go to deliver it.

Deliveroo's a great option for me right now as:

• It's high pay - I'm making around £25 ($33.50) per 2 hours.
• The hours are completely flexible - I can work around my other commitments
• I get to work while exercising

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