The Trattoria Project

  • Traditional Pasta

    Discover the historical roots of Italian and Neapolitan cuisine and pasta.
  • The trattoria design

    3D description of the restaurant. By Céline, Déborah, Léa and Lisa
  • The organization behind the restaurant

    The Trèfle Rose / Pink Clover organization or how to facilitate the integration of Down Syndrome employees and encourage diversity in the workplace. By ...
  • The interview

    An interview of Renata, the future restaurant owner. Discussion about the concept of the trattoria and the menus. By Aurélien, Hugo, Margaux and Sara ...
  • Neapolitan pasta recipe

    Strozzapreti with mushrooms and gorgonzola sauce. FOR 4 GUESTS. By Célia, Élodie, Harold and Zoé.
  • The market study

    Defining the target market. By Céline and Maëlle
  • The marketing strategy

    How to build an effective marketing strategy and monitor a strong social presence. By Alexandre, Audrey, Lorenzo and Maxime.